A group of bus drivers striking over working conditions in Berkeley County, delays expected

Berkeley County, South Carolina – School buses in Berkeley County are expected to operate with delays Tuesday as a result of the strike of a group of drivers over working conditions.

The Berkeley County School Districts informed the parents in a letter that they were able to operate all the routes on Monday, but that it might not be the case on Tuesday.

The school district additionally informed the parents to be prepared for potential delays in the whole schedule.

In an effort to minimize the effect of the strike and avoid further delays, the school district also asked the parents if they can bring the students in schools themselves.

“This will allow for buses to be utilized primarily by those who do not have any other transportation option,” the letter stated. “It’s important for our families to be aware of current transportation challenges and to prepare as much as possible for continued delays with services.”

The delay in the schedule comes after a group of bus drivers started their strike on Friday over better working conditions.

The initial information about the strike left hundreds of parents withing the school districts unsure if the buses will get and return their children on time.

The Berkeley Bus Lot serves the following schools in the district:

  • Berkeley Elementary
  • Berkeley Intermediate
  • Berkeley Middle
  • Berkeley High School
  • Cane Bay Elementary
  • Cane Bay Middle
  • Cane Bay High
  • Foxbank Elementary School
  • Whitesville Elementary School

A bus driver who took part in Friday’s demonstration said she was suspended for three days without pay. But a Berkeley County School District spokesperson would not confirm the suspension, saying the district does not comment on personnel matters.

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