July 6, 2022

    North Charleston officer collided with another vehicle Tuesday afternoon while responding to a reported shooting incident, second vehicle’s driver killed, investigation

    North Charleston, South Carolina – One person was killed in a Tuesday afternoon crash that took place at the intersection…
    July 6, 2022

    South Carolina Highway Patrol offers $5,000 sign-on bonus and improved, just under $50,000 starting salary for uncertified troopers

    South Carolina – South Carolina Highway Patrol has had hard times to attract new employees in the last couple of…
    July 6, 2022

    The 3-year-old boy who was kidnapped by his mother and was considered endangered found safe

    South Carolina – Rene Taylor, the grandmother of the 3-year-old Jasper Garcia, said on Monday that the boy’s mother kidnapped…

    Charleston local news

      Charleston local
      July 6, 2022

      North Charleston officer collided with another vehicle Tuesday afternoon while responding to a reported shooting incident, second vehicle’s driver killed, investigation

      North Charleston, South Carolina – One person was killed in a Tuesday afternoon crash that took place at the intersection…
      Charleston local
      June 29, 2022

      Charleston County kids and teens 18 and under are eligible for free summer meals at 36 CCSD locations until early August

      Charleston, South Carolina – The Covid-19 pandemic had a huge impact on many people in the Lowcountry area making it…
      Charleston local
      June 29, 2022

      Tuesday late night shooting in downtown Charleston fatal for one person, the suspect fled the scene before officers’ arrival

      Charleston, South Carolina – Tuesday late night shooting, just before midnight, in downtown Charleston was fatal for one person, the…
      Charleston local
      June 28, 2022

      CCSD interim school superintendent Don Kennedy took over as superintendent until a permanent superintendent is selected

      Charleston, South Carolina – While the Charleston County School District is continuing the nationwide search for new permanent school superintendent,…
      Charleston local
      June 28, 2022

      21-year-old man was arrested and charged in regards to the February’s shooting incident on South Allen Drive in North Charleston, police

      North Charleston, South Carolina – The 21-year-old Deandre Brown was arrested and charged in regards to the February’s shooting incident…
      Charleston local
      June 22, 2022

      Wednesday morning shooting in North Charleston fatal for one person, another injured, NCPD says

      North Charleston, South Carolina – The North Charleston PD confirmed that one person was shot to death while another was…
      Charleston local
      June 18, 2022

      Airline company offers discounts on flights from Charleston

      Charleston, South Carolina – Avelo Airlines came up with an idea to offer “Inflation-Crushing” deals in which travelers who take…
      Charleston local
      June 18, 2022

      One person dead after an accident on Johns Island

      Johns Island, South Carolina – The Major Accident Investigation Team of the Charleston Police Department is now looking into an…
      Charleston local
      June 18, 2022

      TSA in urgent need of TSO’s at Charleston International Airport due to the expected increased number of passengers

      North Charleston, South Carolina – The Transportation Security Administration says it needs to hire more security officers because a record…
      Charleston local
      June 17, 2022

      Suspect arrested for assaulting a man in a basketball game

      Charleston, South Carolina – A man who was wanted in connection with an incident that took place on a basketball…


        February 3, 2022

        Capitol rioter entered the building only to “sit down and rest” because he had been on his feet for more than 11 hours by the time, sentenced

        According to Insider, at least 768 people have been arrested and charged with crimes in connection to the Capitol riots…
        December 18, 2021

        People slam President Joe Biden once again as he struggles to properly pronounce the name of our country in his recent public speech

        In numerous occasions, several health experts have questioned Biden’s ability to run the country mostly because of his age as…
        December 18, 2021

        Boeing the latest company joining the list of companies to cancel the vaccine mandate for their workers

        Most of the vaccine mandates for workers that many companies implemented or were just to implement were canceled recently and…
        November 28, 2021

        This is how to avoid shipping delays for cyber Monday, experts advise

        Black Friday is behind us, but the shopping spree is expected to continue on Monday with the biggest offers and…
        October 16, 2021

        Group of White students and at least one teacher used racial slurs, the N-word and physically attacked Black students while at school, lawsuit

        While almost every single person in United States is combating racism in every type and form nowadays, unfortunately, there are…
        September 28, 2021

        Barack and Michelle Obama finally started the construction on their presidential center

        Celebratory groundbreaking is expected to take place on Tuesday marking the start of the construction of Obama’s presidential center following…
        September 23, 2021

        “Election fraud narrative as suitable for “third grade,”” Donald Trump completely lost support from Lindsey Graham over the election fraud claims

        Although Trump and his allies are slowly changing their narrative over the election fraud claims, they still use every single…
        September 23, 2021

        Jobless claims rose by 16,000 from last week, a slight increase from the record pandemic low, report

        It looks like the Delta variant is again disrupting the job market’s recovery since the officials reported this has been…
        September 21, 2021

        Biden’s vaccine requirement to end up as another fiasco, no increase in number of new vaccinations since his announcement two weeks ago

        What many people feared since the vaccines were rolled out last December, ended up to be true when president Joe…
        September 19, 2021

        Trump allegedly hates DeSantis because he is a nicer version of Trump with rising popularity that might end up as GOP presidential candidate

        Trump almost confirmed that he will run for president once again in 2024 and he has his voters’ base behind…

        Breaking news

          June 29, 2022

          Two earthquakes registered in South Carolina Wednesday afternoon in less than 15 minutes in the Elgin area

          South Carolina – 3.3 magnitude earthquake was registered in South Carolina Wednesday afternoon in the Elgin area, South Carolina Emergency…
          June 22, 2022

          Long Point Road in Mount Pleasant closed due to multi-vehicle crash Wednesday morning, drivers advised to use alternative routes

          Mount Pleasant, South Carolina – Multi-vehicle crash Wednesday morning closed both sides of Long Point Road in Mount Pleasant and…
          May 4, 2022

          The victim in the Monday’s morning house fire in Moncks Corner has been identified by the Berkeley County Chief Deputy Coroner

          Moncks Corner, South Carolina – Multiple sources reported about the house fire incident that took place in Moncks Corner Monday…
          April 14, 2022

          Thursday morning crash along I-526 near Wando Bridge, traffic delays reported in the area

          Mount Pleasant, South Carolina – Early Thursday morning crash along I-526 near Wando Bridge caused traffic delays in the area.…
          April 12, 2022

          Father and his three sons arrested and charged for the shooting incident early this month resulting with several people injured in Colleton County

          Colleton County, South Carolina – A total of four people were arrested and charged regarding the shooting incident that happened…
          February 26, 2022

          Single-vehicle crash in Colleton County early Saturday morning fatal for one person, police

          Colleton County, South Carolina – One person was killed in the single-vehicle crash that took place in Colleton County early…
          February 2, 2022

          Covid vaccine slowly becoming part of the organ transplantation criteria, two dozen unvaccinated MUSC patients face list removal

          Charleston, South Carolina – The Covid-19 vaccination status is slowly becoming organ transplantation criteria as multiple cases of patients removed…
          February 2, 2022

          Two South Carolina inmates dead due to Covid-19 recently, SC Dept. of Corrections cancels all visitations the upcoming weekend

          Charleston, South Carolina – The Covid-19 is spreading across South Carolina correctional facilities and the recent spread resulted with two…
          February 2, 2022

          Wednesday early morning fire near Northwoods Mall in North Charleston, no injuries reported

          North Charleston, South Carolina – North Charleston fire crews responded to a fire at the early morning hours on Wednesday…
          January 17, 2022

          Two-vehicle crash in Mount Pleasant Monday morning, at least one person injured

          Mount Pleasant, South Carolina – At least one person was injured in the late-morning two-vehicle crash in Mount Pleasant on…

          Covid-19 News

            June 7, 2022

            Ten days after receiving his first Covid-19 vaccine dose, man was left temporarily paralyzed and developed an autoimmune response, now he will receive compensation by the government

            Since the vaccine were rolled out, nearly 256 million Americans have received at least one dose of the vaccines reaching…
            May 21, 2022

            Charleston church hosting a COVID-19 vaccine clinic Saturday

            Charleston, South Carolina – As COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations from the highly contagious omicron variant are rising again, a downtown…
            May 17, 2022

            In an effort to improve the vaccine immunity as new Covid-19 cases are on the rise, FDA has just approved booster doses for children aged 5-11

            The number of new Covid-19 cases has been on the rise lately, an increasing trend seen for the very first…
            March 22, 2022

            Woman decided to get the single-dose Covid-19 vaccine to develop immunity more quickly, died weeks later from a disease caused by the vaccine, her pro-vaccine husband explains

            Once the Covid-19 vaccines were authorized for emergency use nearly year and a half ago, people were literally waiting in…
            February 28, 2022

            “I think like most teenagers, she felt indestructible,” Teenager dies of Covid-19 complications after refusing to get vaccinated

            The Covid-19 vaccines for young people and teenagers have been authorized for emergency use since last year, but many of…
            February 17, 2022

            South Carolina added just under 2,000 new Covid-19 cases on Thursday, latest daily report by DHEC

            Charleston, South Carolina – The Covid-19 situation in South Carolina is slowly but surely stabilizing as the Palmetto State’s corona-numbers…
            February 13, 2022

            Woman dies from Covid-19 after she was wrongfully denied vaccine seven times because the vaccine contained “live virus”, lawsuit

            United States is one of the countries with the highest Covid-19 vaccination rates globally. According to the most recent data…
            February 10, 2022

            Covid-19 numbers are declining in South Carolina, DHEC Director expects calm period ahead

            Covid-19 numbers are declining in the Palmetto State in the last couple weeks and this is another confirmation that the…
            February 7, 2022

            South Carolina added more than 14,000 new Covid-19 cases in Monday’s report, data gathered last Thursday to Saturday

            Charleston, South Carolina – South Carolina added more than 14,000 new Covid-19 cases, data showing the number of cases from…
            February 3, 2022

            New DHEC corona guidelines aim to keep children in schools, the agency advises school districts to implement the guidelines

            Charleston, South Carolina – As the country is approaching the two-year mark since the start of the pandemic, the health…


              June 22, 2022

              Woman was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer and was given no more than four months to live, but beat the odds and recovered; explains how swollen stomach and sluggish feeling signs were dismissed as menopause

              56-year-old woman, who is now recovered stage 4 bowel cancer patient, explained how doctors dismissed her sluggish feeling and swollen…
              June 18, 2022

              56-year-old trans woman, who had been socially, medically and legally recognized as female prior to being placed in male prison, claims she was abused by male inmates and was denied surgery, lawsuit

              A 56-year-old trans woman, who had been socially, medically and legally recognized as woman years before she was placed in…
              June 13, 2022

              Pregnant woman’s heart completely stopped while delivering her premature newborn when she was 32 weeks pregnant forcing her to undergo several surgeries, explains how her newborn kept her alive

              Parents-to-be were excited that they will become parents in a few weeks, but everything changed in a matter of hours…
              June 13, 2022

              31-year-old mother of three minors, all under 3, was charged after all of the children tested positive for cocaine when she brought her 15-month-old child to hospital because ‘he was not acting normally’

              Parents-to-be should know that being a parent is something special, but it also means that parents’ lives change completely meaning…
              May 29, 2022

              Healthy young woman, who had never had a single overnight stay in a hospital before, was diagnosed with rare blood cancer after ignoring fatigue symptoms for months and developing red spots on her skin

              Health experts advise everyone that regular medical checkups are the most important thing one should do in prevention and early…
              May 28, 2022

              36yo woman says a psychiatrist treated her uncomfortable episodes of fear with anxiety and panic disorders medication, until doctors found out a growing tumor deep in her brain months later, speaks out to raise awareness

              While the pandemic and the lockdowns increased the number of people experiencing mental health issues, even in the several pre-pandemic…
              May 22, 2022

              Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg tested positive on Covid-19 and developed mild symptoms; Charleston city spokesman confirmed

              Charleston, South Carolina – The number of new Covid-19 cases is on the rise in the last couple of weeks…
              May 18, 2022

              23-year-old mom-to-be, who once gave birth to her newborn before doctors reinserted the tot inside her womb after successful treatment, says she is ready to deliver the baby once again

              Since the start of the pandemic more than two years ago, pregnant women and young mothers have had hard times…
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