Charleston PD responded to a home in downtown Charleston Thursday night, one suspect taken into custody

Charleston, South Carolina – An individual is now under custody following a situation in downtown Charleston on Thursday night. The Charleston Police Department took action in response to a scenario where a person reportedly evaded a routine traffic stop.

The unfolding event took place near the East Bay Street and Morrison Drive intersection, where the police attempted to halt the said individual. Instead of complying, the suspect chose to flee and sought refuge in a nearby residence on Blake Street, as reported by Inspector Michael Gillooly.

The occupants of the Blake Street residence managed to escape unharmed while the suspect remained inside. Following this, a challenging standoff ensued, with authorities tirelessly working for over two hours to persuade the individual to surrender and vacate the house.

An on-site crisis management team was actively engaged, striving for a peaceful resolution to the tense situation.

In order to ensure safety during the incident, the immediate area was made inaccessible to the general traffic, police confirmed. Despite the unfolding situation, the authorities reassured the public, stating that there was no discernible threat to their safety.

This incident remains an ongoing investigation. Further updates will follow as more information becomes available.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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