Husband throws meth-fueled ‘Death party’ at his home, drugs his wife to death allegedly claiming she asked him to do it for her

Duane. J. from Minnesota was charged and sentenced for the death of his wife Debra, after throwing a ‘Death party’ at their home. Duane was given three-year sentence for the death of his wife as a result of meth overdose on the party.

Duane received his sentence in County’s District Court, just one month after he pled guilty to neglecting his wife Debra before her death at their home in January.

The man told authorities in court earlier last summer that his wife begged him to take her home from a nursing facility and let her die, according to a local outlet.

After removing Debra from a care center against medical advice, Duane held what he told police was a “death party” at their home, where the couple used methamphetamine, had sex, and listened to their favorite music. According to him, it was his wife’s last wish.

Debra also stopped taking her medications at the time of her death.

An autopsy later determined that Debra died of methamphetamine toxicity, according to a court complaint obtained by the local publication.

The man claimed in court that his wife had been having convulsions prior to her death but passed away peacefully. He also pled guilty to criminal neglect, which dismissed a third-degree murder charge as part of his plea deal.

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