Woman fatally shoots jealous unarmed ex-boyfriend to death in front of her teenage boys, claims he was stalking her all the time

Woman is arrested for shooting to death her jealous ex-boyfriend in front of her two teenager sons. The Texas woman said she had a good reason of what she done following the incident that took place in apartment complex in Houston area.

Police received a 911 call regarding a shooting around 9:30 p.m. When first responders arrived on the scene, they found the man on the ground with gunshot wounds. The officers performed life-saving measures until the paramedics arrived.

Unfortunately, shortly after their arrival, the man was pronounced dead as a result of the gunshot wounds.

Police spokesperson said the investigation is still open and they are looking for additional information about what happened on the door.

“We can confirm that the man died as a result of the shooting. He was found on the entrance of the shooter’s apartment. We are still investigating what he was doing there and what happened moments before the shooting,” police said.

The detectives said they already know about the history of stalking-like behavior between them. However, they are still interviewing witnesses, neighbors and collecting CCTV videos from the area.

The detectives also confirmed that woman’s teenage children were in the apartment when the shooting occurred. It’s not clear if the sons witnessed the deadly incident, but deputies did get statements from them.

According to unofficial reports, the woman who shot her ex-boyfriend claims he was stalking her in the past few weeks. “He knew everything about me, where I go, who I meet, everything… He was jealous on my colleagues and friends. He was probably following me everywhere I go.”

She added that the man was furious when he arrived at her apartment and she was afraid for her children safety. That’s the moment when she took her gun and shot him multiple times.

The investigation should reveal what happened. It’s too early to say whether a woman will face charges for killing her ex-boyfriend.

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