This is how to avoid shipping delays for cyber Monday, experts advise

Black Friday is behind us, but the shopping spree is expected to continue on Monday with the biggest offers and discounts for cyber Monday.

Having in mind the current supply chain crisis, shipping delays are expected for the most popular items and experts advise what to do in order to avoid shipping delays.

“We’re going to have great gifts, we’re going to have a great assortment all the way through Christmas, but it is not like a normal year, I can tell you that much,” said Palmetto Moon CEO, John Thomas.

John is among the many retailers who expect busy cyber Monday and he is well aware of the challenges the businesses face in the last couple of months. That said, John is warning customers that shipping delays on some items are expected.

“The shipping piece, we all talk about supply chain into our building. The amount of delays we’re seeing with UPS and FedEx is out, we’re definitely counseling our customers, ‘Hey, give yourself extra time. Don’t wait until the last minute.’ You know, in years past you could pull the trigger on the 21st or 22nd and it would be there by the 23rd or 24th. We don’t have that kind of confidence this year,” said Thomas.

South Carolina Ports Authority officials already confirmed that the past year has been one of the busiest causing a lot of problems for the port. They had hard times and worked round the clock in an effort to keep everything operational with minimum delays.

According to their data, in October they broke their record for most shipping containers handled in a month, with one of the biggest jumps in containers carrying retail goods.

Industry experts multiple times warned about the shipping delays and now encourage customers to buy earlier if they want to avoid shipping delays.

It is expected for many packages to possibly take weeks to arrive but Ports Authority officials say they have already invested billions into their infrastructure to make sure South Carolina ports can continue to run during a supply chain crisis like the ones we face now.

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