Cops and Kids event hosted by Charleston PD, local police department building relationship with the local community

Charleston, South Carolina – Cops and Kids event hosted by the Charleston Police Department Saturday morning was another event in an effort to building relationship between the local authorities and local community.

Charleston PD and North Charleston PD host similar type of events for months now showing the local community that they are there to keep everyone safe.

Additionally, on the Saturday’s event, underprivileged children were paired with Charleston Police officers, and the children got to walk around and pick out presents, school supplies and clothing.

“The officers don’t just bring themselves, they bring their family members; it’s a family event,” Charleston Police Department Sgt. Craig Dubose says.

“Just to see the expressions on the kids’ faces, getting a little bit of this or that, whether it’s a toy or an essential item they may need for the new year; it just brings the Christmas spirit for our families and our officers.”

According to the Charleston PD, 15-20 officers were present at the event.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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