Covid-19 cases in South Carolina on the rise again as the state recorded more than 5,000 again on Wednesday

South Carolina – The cases in Palmetto State are on the rise again as DHEC reported increased number of cases in the daily Covid-19 report on Wednesday compared to Tuesday.

According to DHEC, South Carolina added 5,152 new Covid-19 cases in Wednesday’s report.

Additionally, 86 deaths were reported as a result of the virus.

DHEC said that the reports are presented with a 2-day delay which means that these are the Monday’s numbers.

Among all the cases, 3,554 cases confirmed through PCR tests and another 1,598 cases confirmed through rapid tests.

The total number od recorded deaths is consisted of 73 confirmed and 13 probable.

The positivity rate among all tests conducted was 17.3%. According to DHEC, a total of 29,217 tests were conducted in the state.

The total number of cases since the start of the pandemic in March 2020 now reaches 740,634. Among those, 600,360 cases detected using PCR tests and 140,274 detected with rapid tests.

Meanwhile, the total number of deaths since the start of the pandemic reached 10,684. 9,361 deaths classified as “confirmed” and an additional 1,323 classified as “probable.”

For more details, please visit the DHEC website.

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