‘Don’t let that kindness fool you, he’s a snake,’ Black woman killed by her new boyfriend after refusing to listen her brother’s warning

Love is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to a person, but sometimes, people who are looking for the love of their life, for love like in a fairy tale, often make mistakes and rush with their choices. But sometimes, those wrong choices unfortunately can cost u life.

Thus, a girl blinded by love had not taken for granted the warning from her family and the things that were in front of her eyes, and after a few weeks of relationship ended up dead.

This type of incidents, like the one we will introduce you to, should serve as an example and a reminder to take precautions at all time and when closest members of your family warn you about a certain person, you should at least take their opinion into consideration.

A young woman started a relationship with a man despite her brother’ warnings and in just a couple of weeks ended up killed by her boyfriend.

The 29-year-old S. Sample was found dead inside her house in Georgia and her boyfriend, the 31-year-old, R. Evans, was arrested for her death. Allegedly, Evans was also a person who had a history of violent behavior.

Police received a call about gunshots heard in the early morning of September 20. Officers arrived at the scene and discovered the unresponsive body of Sample lying on the ground inside her house with an apparent gunshot wound. No suspect was located at the scene.

EMS arrived on the scene as well but it was too late as Sample was already dead.

Detectives conducted an investigation collecting evidence from the crime scene and interviewing neighbors, family members as well as one witness which was present inside the house during the incident.

Some of the interviewed neighbors were left stunned by the crime as they considered their neighborhood a quiet and peaceful place to live in. Some of them added they were afraid to get out of their houses when they noticed police securing the area with crime tape.

Her older brother, C. Sample, told detectives he warned his sister about Evans: “I told her, don’t let that kindness fool you, he’s a snake.” He also, with tears in his eyes, expressed his regrets for not doing something more to keep his baby sister away from Evans.

Detectives also found out that Evans had a criminal record in the past. His former girlfriend took out a protective order against him after threatening to kill her. He had spent several days in prison for threatening to kill his former landlord also.

The interviewed witness pointed at Evans as a person responsible for the death of Sample. Since authorities could not locate Evans, an arrest warrant was issued and Evans was arrested within an hour by police and SWAT officers.

Evans was taken into jail and is being held without bond.

The motive for the murder has not been determined.

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