Dozens LGBTQ supporters gathered in front of the SC State House, asking equal rights for transgender youth and athletes

Columbia, South Carolina – Dozens LGBTQ supporters, including SC public figures, gathered in front of the SC State House on Sunday showing of support for transgender youth and athletes.

One of the few speakers in front of the crowd was a Charleston transgender teenager, Eli Bundy, who asked for support, inclusion and fair treatment in the community.

“I’ve been burned out by feeling like I have to show up and defend my rights over and over and over again,” said Bundy.

What triggered the gathering was the latest debate over transgender right and opportunities to participate in sports. A disheartening reality for Bundy and peers.

“’We don’t want you to be able to play with your peers. And they have been reiterating this this legislative session and the last one, and I think hearing that over, and over again is really harmful,” Bundy added.

There were several legislative pushes recently to ban transgender students from athletics. Including — the “Save Women’s Sports” bill – mandating they compete according to their biological sex.

“We looked legislators in the eyes and said how dare you and looked transgender youth in the eye and said we love you,” said Deb Foreman, who serves as PFLAG Spartanburg’s president.

Monica Doyle


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