“Fu** yourself!” Armed with fully loaded handgun, woman attacks deputy in broad daylight after she was asked to wear face mask or face covering

Wearing face mask was one of the first measures against the Covid-19 that were enforced since March 2020 when the pandemic started, but some people are still refusing to wear them when they are required to despite the fact that multiple studies confirmed that face masks or face coverings keep people safe from the virus.

As a result of the rising number of cases because of the Delta variant, CDC in July once again brought back the mask guidelines policy and many companies, federal agencies and private businesses decided to require their clients to wear masks, especially indoors.

But it looks like many still don’t believe the virus is a real thing and refuse to wear masks even when they are asked to. One such a person is this South Carolina woman who decided to attack a police officer after she refused to wear mask despite the fact the she was asked to when she tried to enter a local aquarium.

According to police, the incident happened few days ago when the suspect, identified as the 56-year-old Lisa B., was arrested and charged following an argument at the entrance of the South Carolina Aquarium in Charleston.

Lisa had her mask around her neck and at the entrance of the aquarium one of the employees asked her to wear the mask properly if she wanted to enter the premises. For some reason she refused to put the mask on her face and instantly became furious, starting a confrontation with the aquarium worker.

Despite all the employee’s efforts to make Lisa put her mask on explaining that the Covid-19 policies apply for all visitors, she continued to refuse to comply with guidelines and tole the worker to “Fu** yourself.”

Lisa forcefully entered the aquarium and a police detective attempted to escort Bostick out of the building, at which point she became violent and approached the detective in an “aggressive manner,” striking him in the neck and chest.

The detective arrested Bostick for disorderly conduct and found she was unlawfully carrying a loaded gun, although she admitted she did not have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, the police report said.

Meanwhile, the aquarium also has strict polices when it comes to weapons and no one is allowed to carry any kind of weapon while indoors.

Multiple other police officers were already at the scene who took Lisa to custody. In addition to disorderly conduct, Bostick was also charged with simple assault and the unlawful carrying of a weapon. She was released on a $26,319 bond.

Alex Tuhell

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