Gas prices for upcoming Memorial Day Weekend highest since 2014, AAA with tips for drivers

Charleston, South Carolina – Gas prices for the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend are the highest in South Carolina since 2014. Authorities expect 60% increase in drivers on the roads for the weekend.

The American Automotive Association provided some useful tips for drivers facing the highest gas prices in years.

  • always make sure your tires are properly inflated; properly inflated tires not just save gas, but it’s also important for safety
  • keep your luggage as light as possible
  • although maintenance check should be done on a regular basis, AAA suggests to check your vehicle before every ‘longer’ trip
  • avoid fast and aggressive driving
  • keep the windows closes especially on higher speeds on highway

The AAA say they expect more than 37 million people to travel at least 50 miles from their homes for the weekend. But this number may be double knowing that the Covid-19 made everyone stay at home for the past year.

For many people the Memorial Day Weekend trip will be the first one in months.

For more information, please visit AAA website.

Monica Doyle


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