Group of people fired fireworks towards multiple Myrtle Beach police patrol cars

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – Complaints regarding fireworks dispatched Myrtle Beach police officers to the corner of Hemingway Street and Graham Avenue Wednesday night.

According to the reports, Myrtle Beach Police Department received multiple 911 calls in regards of firing fireworks in the neighborhood in Myrtle Beach. When officers arrived at the address, they located the group that was firing fireworks in front of the apartments in the area.

The group was asked to stop as authorities received multiple calls of residents living in the area complaining about the noise caused of them. The people agreed and promised to stop.

One of the officers continued circling the area and just few minutes later, he noticed that someone was using fireworks again coming from the same area as before.

When he got back at the scene, he saw the same group of people using fireworks. The officer spoke with them again asking to stop what they were doing. They claimed this time it was someone else and they started arguing with the responding officer.

According to police report, the group consisted of 25-30 people who were in front of their apartments, started confronting the officer in an aggressive manner. The officer left the area and informed his supervisor about the incident.

Authorities came back at scene, but now the responding officer was accompanied by another policeman trying to deter the group. Just as they reached to the group, someone started firing fireworks directly to the patrol car striking one in the windshield, one in the bumper, and one directly underneath the vehicle.

Two other patrol cars that just arrived at the scene were attacked with paintball markers from the other side of the apartment complex.

Luckily, officers were not injured and the patrol cars were not damaged. Authorities didn’t manage to locate the person who opened fire on them with fireworks as well as the individual who struck paintball markers on them.

Neighbors from the apartment complex went outdoor and spoke with the police, claiming that fireworks are an ongoing issue in their area every year as Fourth of July approaches.

Eventually, subjects at the residence started leaving the scene and fireworks ceased.

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