‘He picked up the child and “shook” him,” The man who beat 1-year-old to death because he was crying loud is out on bail, gets new court hearing date

Some people are simply not meant to be parents as they are not capable of dealing with all the commitment and duties that come with having a child. While many people are aware of that before even deciding to become parents, others will get that lesson the harder way, after a baby is born.

Things get by far more complicated for people who already have children, but for some reason don’t have partner. When these folks are looking for a new life partner, they must make sure that the new partner is ready for parenthood in order to avoid problems in the future, making things even worse.

That was the case with the mother of the 1-year-old baby boy named Zion who apparently made the wrong choice when she decided to hang out with her new boyfriend, the 22-year-old A. Homan, before she made sure that he is well prepared for new, family life.

Her wrong choice was confirmed on October 4th when the little Zion died as a result of the injuries the baby sustained while her boyfriend was taking care of him few days earlier. Following the investigation, Homan remains the main and only suspect believed to be responsible for Zion’s death after the medical examination showed numerous injuries all over his body.

According to the police report, fire department crews were dispatched the fatal day in the mother’s house in Wisconsin following a 911 call in regards to an unresponsive baby. As soon as the EMS teams arrived, they performed CPR on the baby and transferred him in hospital for treatment.

According to the hospital report, the baby was admitted in the emergency department and he was “unresponsive, had no pulse, and was not breathing on his own.” The complaint notes there was also bruising to Zion’s face, chest and legs.

When first responders arrived at the scene, both Zion’s mother and Homan were there. In their report, officers noted that both of them were uncooperative and told multiple different stories to them. Homan especially looked lost for all that time.

Homan initially told officers that he was looking over the baby, while his girlfriend was out. According to his statement, the child “appeared lethargic and slept most of the day” that day. In the evening hours, Homan allegedly heard Zion “gasp for air” and he immediately rushed to his bedroom. Instead of calling 911 and seek medical help, Homan called his girlfriend which took precious time until she got back in her house. When she arrived there, she was the one who called 911.

Since the little boy had several injuries all over his body and the couple were not able to explain what happened, they were both arrested and taken into custody that night.

As Fox 6 Now reported, a board-certified child abuse pediatrician with Children’s Wisconsin conducted a clinical consultation on the child, the complaint says. The doctor said the child’s “entire clinical presentation was consistent with suffering abusive head trauma, formerly shaken baby syndrome.” Shortly after midnight on Oct. 4, Price was removed from life support and pronounced deceased.

Another detective additionally questioned and pushed Homan and he was able to get the proper story from him. According to Homan’s most recent version of the incident, he heard Price “let out a loud cry and Antonio Homan admittedly became frustrated.” Homan told police he picked up the child and “shook” him. A short time later, the child stopped breathing.

The main suspect in the case was charged with one count of first-degree reckless homicide and might spend a maximum of six decades in prison if found guilty. His initial court hearing took place on October 5th when a cash-only bond was set at $40,000.

His second court appearance was scheduled to take place on October 13th, but the hearing was adjourned for, court documents show, and rescheduled for Nov. 5.

The charges against the 32-year-old Zion’s mother are pending.

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