“Her kindness was infectious,” As soon as she told him she wants to end their ten-year-long relationship, man shot his girlfriend several times until she died, sentenced

Sometimes bad things happen to kind and caring people and so was the case with one lovely woman who only wanted to end her long relationship and continue enjoying the beauties of life, but things did not go as planned and she ended up killed by her boyfriend.

Victim’s dead body was found by the authorities at her home after officers responded to 911 call in regards to a possible murder and suicide report.

The incident happened last year in California and police were dispatched to the location after family members of the 51-year-old K. Henry reported their loved one had been shot and killed by her boyfriend, the 38-year-old G. Stephens.

Those who reported the incident said to the 911 dispatcher that Stephens told them he killed Henry and claimed he was planning to take his own life as well, the incident report indicates.

Allegedly, an altercation between the couple started when Henry told Stephens she wanted to put their relationship to an end, which infuriated Stephens. That’s the moment when the shooter took his handgun and shot her numerous times. A family member confirmed Henry’s intention to end her ten-year-long relationship with Stephens.

Upon arrival at the property, officers spotted Henry lying unresponsive on the floor inside the house near the front door, while Stephens was seen moving in and out of the house with a weapon in his hands.

Officers suspected Stephens had multiple handguns and ammunition inside the house, so they called for back-up. Multiple agencies, including members of the sheriff’s crisis intervention unit and special response unit, responded at the scene. A helicopter also provided support.

The special response unit made phone contact with Stephens and, after two-hour standoff and several successful conversation, they were able to convince the suspect to surrender. Stephens emerged from the home with his hands up, according to authorities.

Henry had multiple gunshot wounds and she was pronounced dead at the scene by the EMS crews. Stephens was arrested and provided an admonished statement to detectives in which he confessed to shooting the victim to death.

“Her kindness was infectious. She went out of her way to make sure I felt like I was welcomed and it meant more to me than anyone could know. It was who she was; it was obvious she cared about people. She had a way of just making you happy and a personality you were drawn to,” Henry’s ex-husband’s wife said.

Henry was also described as a devoted mother and grandmother.

“She was really loved. She’s got this adorable son that she lived for… and her daughters and her granddaughter. She had a wonderful relationship with her ex-husband. That’s how she was. She was just a ray of sunshine. I don’t know anybody that ever said one bad thing about her,” Henry’s former co-worker N. Butterfield said.

Stephens was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison at the end of November. He will be eligible for a parole after 15 years, but must first convince the parole board that he is eligible for release.

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