In an effort to help the environment and reduce the impact to the wildlife, two abandoned boats removed in James Island waterway

James Island, South Carolina – In an effort to help the environment and reduce the negative impact to the wildlife in the area, two abandoned boats were removed in James Island waterway by volunteers.

According to multiple reports, a non-profit called Wounded Nature – Working Veterans got to work to clean up and clear out two abandoned boats Saturday morning.

According to them, the boats should have been removed much earlier since they are polluting the environment and negatively impact the wildlife.

The non-profit removes debris and remnants from boat wrecks and abandoned boats. Saturday’s boat removal took place at Clark Sound. Volunteers hauled away the remnants of the boat to help the homeowner and prevent pollution.

The fact that abandoned boats left in water leave garbage, metal and liquids that pollute the waters harming people and animals, was more than enough for the Wounded Nature – Working Veterans to take action and somewhat prevent this to happening in the future.

“That plastic, microplastic ends up in the environment, ends up in the shellfish,” Whit Jones with Wounded Nature – Working Veterans says.

“It’s a hazard to the environment. Boats sink that were operable, they have fuel, they have oil. Some boats have a bathroom system aboard, so there’s a toilet and sewage. Lead in the batteries. All that stuff is toxic to the environment,” Jones added.

According to the data provided by the Wounded Nature – Working Veterans, they have removed 114 abandoned boats from coastal waterways so far.

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