Man fires at least 16 shots in a neighborhood from his porch, then shoots police

A. Hicks is accused of firing at least 16 shots in the neighborhood where he lives from his own porch, police say. According to them, he was shooting in the homes and the people around him for no apparent reason.

The man was arrested and faces multiple charges following the incident that took place in a neighborhood in Williamson, West Virginia two weeks ago.

The police said Hicks is charged with four counts of attempted murder, 10 counts of shooting within 500 feet of a dwelling, more than a dozen counts of counts of wanton endangerment as well as weapons charges and battery on a law enforcement officer.

As New York Daily News reported, at one point the shooter opened fire to the police as soon as they arrived at the scene. Williamson Police Department, Mingo County Sheriff’s Office and West Virginia State Police all worked together in the case.

When Hicks opened fire on them, officers took cover behind their vehicles and a bus.

It was more than obvious that the shooter wanted to harm the officers, but they said that he probably provoked them as he wanted them to shoot too.

Authorities managed to deescalate the situation without firing any bullets. The Police Department in an announcement said that no one was injured in the case.

When Hicks was arrested, he kicked the arresting officer.

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