Several years long problem for parents at Johns Island bus stop to be finally solved with electric sign installation, safety concerns for students

John Island parents for years were pointing out a bus stop that was bringing safety concerns for their children, students.

The parents in multiple occasions were asking the officials to find a solution for the bus stop that seems to be a dangerous place for children, or at least that’s what the parents are saying during the years.

The parents are right since the students waiting for the school bus are standing on the side of the road with no sidewalks while there is plenty of traffic on the road.

Following parents’ concerns, the officials decided to install an electric sign at the intersection of Main Road and McLernon Trace.

They hope that the newly installed electric sign will make the bus stop safer place for both students and the vehicles who drive in the area.

According to the local residents who commute the area on a daily basis, since the start of the school year they have seen numerous of vehicles that fail to stop while students are loading or unloading to the bus despite stop arms and flashing lights being activated.

Additionally, local authorities are monitoring the area near the bus stop for additional safety.

Monica Doyle


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