Supply chain issues and increasing prices causing a lot of problems for the Lowcountry Food Bank ahead of the holidays

Charleston, South Carolina – The rising prices and supply chain issues have been causing problems for month now and these problems won’t be solved anytime soon.

As we approach the holiday season, Lowcountry Food Bank is experiencing difficulties in their operations as a result of the rising prices and supply chain issues.

Although the Lowcountry Food Bank had experienced problems in the past, this is the first time for them to struggle as a result of the high prices.

The food bank typically gives out turkeys during the week of Thanksgiving. Spokesperson Brenda Shaw says this year the price of turkeys has gone up from about $.19 per pound to a whopping $1.69 per pound.

“We’re doing a lot less turkeys than we would normally do,” Shaw said.  “In a normal year, we would probably distribute 4 to 5,000 turkeys. This year we’ll probably do about half that.”

Shaw says food prices are going up primarily because of supply chain disruptions.  She says they are seeing the biggest price hike in meat.  Canned goods are also becoming more expensive because of the aluminum shortage.

Additionally, they also struggle with the transportations of the goods in the food bank because the transportation prices are skyrocketing.

The delays in transportations additionally cause organizational problem with volunteers. When the food trucks are late, they are sitting at the food bank for several hours just waiting.

Shaw encourages the local community to donate directly in the food bank in an effort to reduce the impact of the rising prices and supply chain disruptions.

Those interested to help the Lowcountry Food Bank can do that with donating, volunteering or with hosting a food drive.

To donate to the Lowcountry Food Bank, click here:

To volunteer, click here:

To host a food drive, click here:

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