The current mask mandate in Charleston County School District is set to end on October 15, the board will meet on Monday likely to extend it

Schools within the Charleston County School District are among the few that have mask mandate in place and the current one is set to end on October 15.

The board will meet on Monday to discuss if the mask mandate initially enforced on September 20 will be extended.

Reportedly, the board members are likely to extended the mask mandate that requires all students, teachers and school staff to wear mask in schools. Students who don’t comply with the mandate, are sent home and switched to virtual learning.

School board members are now set to meet Monday to discuss legal advice regarding the requirement. It’s their last scheduled meeting before the policy expires.

The extending of the mask mandate will be easier decision compared to the initial decision in September since a federal judge suspended the state from enforcing its rule banning school districts from requiring masks.

As School Board Chair Rev. Dr. Eric Mack said in September, the district was using reserve funds to pay for the enforcement of the policy, avoiding having to use money from the state.

The school district few days ago said that they have exempted a total of 610 students and school staff for wearing masks, while 24 students were sent home and switched to virtual learning because didn’t comply with the mask mandate.

The board is expected to meet around 4:30 p.m. Monday to discuss the mask mandate once again.

For more information and detail about Covid-19 vaccination data and latest numbers, please visit DHEC official website.

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