While the White House still doesn’t offer help at the southern border, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham to make his third trip to the border this year

Since the start of the year, border states are having hard times to keep control over the immigrants at the southern border, something that has been a growing issue every month.

The number of immigrants continue to rise every month reaching record high numbers and while the border states’ officials are putting maximum efforts to control the situation, there is still no adequate assistance from president Biden and the White House office.

In multiple occasions GOP governors sent help to Texas and Arizona in an effort to help the border states with the immigrants and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is one of the loudest when it comes to supporting these states.

Reportedly, Graham is about to visit Arizona on Monday to talk with U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials about security along the United States-Mexico border.

South Carolina’s senior Republican senator tweeted Sunday evening he is “look(ing) forward” to the meeting in Yuma, about three hours southwest of Phoenix, to discuss “border security and the flow of migrants into the United States.”

As we already reported, Graham visited the southern border twice this year and his Monday’s trip will be his third so far. Graham visited Arizona in February and Texas in March.

In March, the senator introduced legislation to reform immigration policies his office described as “broken.” He also laid the blame for the border problems at the feet of President Joe Biden.

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster was among GOP governors who provided help to Texas and Arizona when they needed the most in the last few months.

Cindy Carey


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