Wide Awake Brewing Company set to open on Thursday, new businesses expected to boost the local economy for $1.5 million next year, mayor says

Goose Creek, South Carolina – Numerous companies have invested in the Goose Creek area in the last couple of months and the mayor believes that the local economy will see boost of $1.5 million in the next year.

Goose Creek Mayor Greg Habib spoke about the local economy and the economic progress the city is seeing lately especially referring to the first craft brewery to open in the city, Wide Awake Brewing Company.

“Over the past year, we’ve seen our economy grow,” Habib said.

“We’re projecting over $1.5 million of new money next year versus this year based on growth of our economy, and we did that through a pandemic. We’re pretty conservative as we project, but based on new business and new residents that have opened here in the City of Goose Creek over the last year, we’re projecting about $1.5 million next year than this year.”

According to the mayor, Goose Creek is currently the eight-largest city in South Carolina. The data shows that its current population sits at 48,000 and that’s 35% increase since 2005.

“We are working very hard to grow the economy within the City of Goose Creek, so that the people that live here can meet more of their needs without having to leave the city,” Habib said.

“We’ve incentivized particular areas for redevelopment in the city. If we’ve got some older dilapidated buildings that may need to be renovated, those programs we started several years ago, and we’re hoping to starting see some of those things happen.”

One of the co-owners of the new investment is Eric Roberts, local resident who has been living in the are for the last 25 years, and he believes Wide Awake Brewing Company is very important for the local community.

“Goose Creek has always been a bedroom community, so they’ve struggled with food and beverage, and I just wanted to bring something good to the city,” Roberts said. “The business development aspects of what the city has been able to accomplish has been very helpful for us.”

The company will officially start their business operations on Thursday.

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