“A white man lynched a Black man over a white woman,” Jealous boyfriend killed man, kept the body home for a week and showed it off to friends, sentenced

Jealousy is something that brings people to insanity, something that probably can’t be controlled in most of the situations and something that pushes people make the worst mistakes in their lives. Only those who have experienced a relationship with a jealous partner know what it really feels like to be under constant pressure, every single moment of your life.

Although the easiest way to prevent troubles with this type of partners is simply ending a relationship, in many cases people will continue their toxic relationships. Unfortunately, almost every single time at one point, a jealous partner will do something stupid and embarrassing.

So was the case with the now 32-year-old S. Vogel who won’t be able to see the light of the day once again after he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of a parole earlier this week. Vogel was found guilty over several charges in the fatal incident in 2020 when he killed a man because he had allegedly been talking to his girlfriend.

According to the court documents, the victim in the “cold-blooded” case was identified as the 44-year-old M. Williams. Firefighters and deputies responded to a call about a ditch fire in Iowa on Sept. 16, 2020. Shortly after their arrival, fire crews easily realized that a human body was burning. Once the authorities identified that the victim was Williams, they arrested Vogel two days later as the main suspect in his death because he had allegedly been talking to his girlfriend about murdering Williams.

However, the initial autopsy results had shown that Williams was killed at least four days before the fire crews responded at the scene where he was set on fire. Investigators appointed to the case found out that Vogel lured Williams to his home and then beat him over the head with a blunt object several times. He then hanged Williams by the neck until he was dead, a medical examiner reportedly testified. Strangulation was ruled the official cause of death.

During the court process, at least two people testified in court that Williams then kept the dead body in the basement of his home where he allegedly showed off the body to other people, mostly friends, for almost a week until he decided to dump to body in a ditch and setting it on fire.

The investigators were also able to determine that Vogel was not alone in the case. According to multiple evidence, Vogel’s mother and her boyfriend knew about everything and they even helped the killer to transport the body from his house and burn the body. Both of them were charged with one count each of abuse of a corpse, destruction of evidence and accessory after the fact.

Authorities believe the only motive behind the incident remains the fact that Williams had allegedly spoken to Vogel’s girlfriend. Nothing suggested that the murder was racially motivated, but Williams’ family members continue to claim that the attack was racially motivated, calling the murder a modern day “lynching.”

“It’s putting that rope around his neck and holding it for over six minutes, causing his death, is the definition of a hanging. A lynching,” Williams’ aunt, P. Terrell told IPR. “A white man lynched a Black man over a white woman.”

The judge appointed to the case multiple times referred to Vogel as “cold-blooded” and he said that he treated the victim like an animal. The judge was happy with the sentence Vogel got saying that life in prison without the possibility of a parole under the Iowa law is an appropriate punishment for people like him.

“You treated M. Williams like he was not human,” Judge reportedly said. “You clubbed him. Strangled him to death. Kept him in your basement like an animal that you would kill. You wrapped up his body, set it on fire. And you dehumanized M. Williams. And Mr. Williams did not deserve that.”

Vogel was convicted last month on one count each of first-degree murder and abuse of a corpse. He was sentenced on Tuesday to life in prison without the possibility of parole. The other suspects in the case have their court appearances scheduled in the upcoming period.

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