Baby dies at home from dehydration and starvation after mother left it alone to celebrate her birthday for six days

Teenager mother went to celebrate her birthday which resulted in 6-day multi-city party while leaving her baby at home alone for the whole period. When she came back, she found the baby unresponsive and called the emergency. Unfortunately, it was already late.

V. Kudi, 19-year-old from United Kingdom, pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of her baby last Friday.

The mother confirmed she was partying for over 6 days in London, Coventry and Solihull. When she came back home, she called the emergency services and rushed in hospital. The baby was pronounced dead on arrival.

The autopsy showed that the baby died as a result of dehydration and starvation while the mother was partying.

According to the court reports, Kudi has been in prison since October 2020 where she awaits her sentence in May, after the psychology testing results.

City officials and multiple local children protection officials in a statement said: “We are deeply saddened by the tragic death of the baby. In our safeguarding role, we will work with our partners to look into what has happened and carry out a Child Safeguarding Practice Review.

‘This includes working with our partner the police to make sure our review is carried out in support of or alongside their ongoing actions in this case.”

Senior Investigating officer said: “This was a particularly distressing case for my team and me to investigate. We hope this will be the last case of this type we have to work on.”

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