Berkeley Animal Center is running on the edge of their operational limits, asking for community’s help for foster families in adopting animals

Berkeley County, South Carolina – Berkeley Animal Center is running on the edge of their operational limits and is asking for community to step up and adopt animals from the shelter.

The event coordinator at the shelter Tiffany Hoffman said that the shelter is currently overcrowded and it’s operating past their actual capacity making it difficult for both the animals and the volunteers.

Most of the animals that currently take care of are puppies and kittens. The shelter is asking the community to help them with adopting animals directly from the shelter in order to free up some space for new animals.

Though she doesn’t know the exact reason for this influx of animals, she said part of the reason could be from Berkeley County’s ever-growing population.

Although the shelter is looking for foster families ready to adopt an animal, even if one is not ready to adopt, can help the shelter in many different ways.

“Different ways you can help are foster, adopt, donate, volunteer,” Hoffman said. “We need dog-walkers. We need people to take dogs on day-dates. We need people to come sit with the cats and the kittens and read to them and socialize with them.”

She encouraged anyone who can, to foster an animal.

“Every dog that goes into foster, or kitten or cat that goes into foster, that opens a space here for us to save all of the animals,” Hoffman said.

The shelter is hosting a Kitten Sleepover event until 1 pm on Sunday where over 100 spayed, neutered, and microchipped kittens are available for $25.

For more information and details about the shelter, you can visit their official website.

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