Berkeley County based company looking to hire more than 200 workers in the upcoming months, great opportunity for those seeking for a job

Berkeley County based company is looking to hire more than 200 employees by next year’s June and this is another great opportunity for those looking for a job.

W International, a defense contractor, says that the hiring should take place between not and June and they are looking for workers for their Bushy Park location.

“We primarily support US Navy and Navy shipbuilding,” said Matt Hines, Chief Business Officer for W International.

The company handles major welding projects for things like nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers.

The company moved to Berkeley County three years ago in 2018. Since moving in the area, the company raised from zero to 300 workers, but not it’s time for another expansion and even more workers.

“Based on some recent awards we’ve received, we have to add 150 welders and 200 total employees between now and June 2022,” said Hines.

Everyone interested should expect good wage and numerous other benefits.

Company officials that they are looking for both experienced and inexperienced employees and all of them will undergo a training at their newly built training center.

What is even more interesting is the fact that those who will get hired, will get paid $12 per hour during the eight-week long training. After that, the base pay for entry level full-time positions is $18 per hour.

Those interested in applying can find an application online by clicking here.

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