Ironically but true, the president elected mainly to be different from the last guy is feeding his own ego while his approval rating goes down every day, poll

Joe Biden was required to only be different from the previous guy, but instead of accomplishing that one simple task he started feeding his own ego shortly after taking over the White House.

But the honeymoon is over and someone should remind Joe about that. Meanwhile, following the initial rating increase in his first four months in the White House, it seems like the voters are slowly becoming disappointed by Biden administration’s recent policies.

In a recent ABC News/Ipsos poll, Americans’ optimism about country’s direction over next year drops nearly 20 points since May. That being said, only 45% of the Americans are optimistic about the country’s feature. That’s nearly 20 points down compared to May’s poll when 65% of Americans were optimistic about the country’s future.

What’s a worrying fact for Biden and the Democrats, is the result from the same poll where the president and his party are also down for almost 20 points. So, what went wrong in the last month or two? Well, many things.

Biden managed to keep the approval rating pretty high for his handling of the pandemic since taking the office, but the flip-flop results in the poll show that Americans give Biden his lowest approval rating for his handling of the pandemic yet.

Additionally, there are several other things that bother Biden and his administration, things that they were not able to fix or at least improve since January. Southern border crisis and surge in number of violent crimes along with the rapid inflation are just part of the everyday problems people face. But it seems that the Delta variant spread lately and potentially new lockdowns marked Biden’s honeymoon ending.

Consumer prices rose 5.4% in June, the biggest monthly increase since right before the 2018 financial crisis. Weekly federal benefits are ending in September and instead of dropping, new employment claims are on the raise reaching new high since mid-May. Biden, however, claims there is ‘no evidence’ the weekly benefits slow the return to work, but the vast Government spending surely threatens higher inflation.

Biden administration failed to meet their own goal, 70% of the population to be vaccinated until July 4. The vaccination process and rates stalled recently and it looks like this goal won’t me met anytime soon. With the latest surge in new cases as a result of the Delta variant and possibly new upcoming lockdowns put the post-pandemic recovery at high risk. If we sum all this up, it’s clear how the numbers flipped against Biden.

Instead of putting his focus in solving the everyday problems to the ordinary Americans, he focused on transforming the nation with a vastly bigger federal government deepening the divide in Congress.

According to New York Post, he then began a feckless drive for another $6 trillion in new spending, aiming to rival FDR when his party barely controls either house of Congress. He also burned energy and political capital with “Jim Crow” nonsense about Republican efforts to slightly tighten election security and embraced the left’s incredibly divisive “systemic racism” obsession.

Biden was only required to be different from Trump and he could have easily achieved that if he followed everything he said on the Inauguration Day.

Biden promised to meet nation’s needs, handle the Covid-19 pandemic well, successful vaccination process. Biden promised to be president to every single American no matter their political views. Biden was seeking unity and could have passed a series of modest bipartisan bills targeted at the nation’s real needs.

Instead, Biden followed his own agenda feeding his ego chasing “historic victories” and so deepened political divisions while sowing economic trouble.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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