Charleston Pepsi Plant to undergo major renovation process in the upcoming period

Charleston, S.C. – Charleston Pepsi Plant is about to undergo a major renovation process in the upcoming period, Pepsi officials say.

A major renovation is in the works for the Pepsi distribution facility along Algonquin Road in Charleston.

The pre-approval process for the project was already started and the Technical Review Committee is expected to fully approved it soon.

Pepsi Plant officials plan to turn the facility into a mixed-use development including retail, office and food and beverage space.

Hoyt + Berenyi LLC, a local engineering and development firm, was the firm that submitted the project to the city officials.

According to the initial plan and project, 17,550 square feet will be used for food and beverage use. Another 2,500 square feed are planned for outdoor restaurant, while 24,450 square feet of retail use.

Additionally, the company will use major part of the area for office space.

Eric Schultz, the Principal Planner for the City of Charleston, said the first review on September 2nd resulted in some revisions needing to be made.

“They’ve got some work to do. Some coordination with SCDOT. The Department of Transportation with the State because Algonquin is a state road. Then, they have to meet all other codes of the city,” Schultz explained.

He claims that there is additional work needed, the city is excited to see such project in the area.

“I think their concept and what we’re seeing visually, and the layout is kind of exciting. I think it will be a fun place to not only work, but also visit as a destination. Taking advantage of the food and beverage, whatever ultimately happens there.”

The project is expected to be completely finished no later than 8 months if everything goes as planned.

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