Community is disgusted and in fear over children’s safety after pre-teen girl shows up in hospital to deliver her baby together with her 24-year-old boyfriend

The local community and parents are understandably disgusted and in fear over children’s safety especially those in development years after a pre-teen girl showed up in hospital ready to deliver her baby. Not a single doctor expected the girl was 9-month pregnant when she showed up in the hospital together with her 24-year-old boyfriend.

The doctors were obviously shocked of what they saw earlier this month and they immediately called the authorities in regards of a potential rape. The father of the baby, 24-year-old J. Miranda, didn’t seem to understand why everyone in the hospital was so upset with the fact that his 12-year-old girlfriend was about to deliver the baby.

Apparently happy and excited for becoming a father, Miranda tried to explain the medical staff and police he was the father of the baby and that he and the girl are in a happy relationship.

“They walked in just like any other couple would, excited to deliver their newborn child,” said one police officer who was dispatched at the hospital.

Miranda was completely unaware that he just confessed to a crime since the age of consent is 16, according to the Oklahoma law. Miranda added that he has been in a relationship with the girl since last October.

“We don’t get this kind of call every day,” Tulsa officer Bean said. “It certainly was a surprise for everyone involved.”

“It’s kind of bizarre. It’s a different way of doing it, instead of a parent reporting it, the actual suspect brought the child in and then admitted it was his,” he added.

Miranda was arrested the same night he was waiting in the hospital and was charged with rape. Many details about the relationship with the 12-year-old still remain unclear. His first court hearing is set to take place in the end of August.

Police said they received many complaints from parents and the local community seeking answers. Authorities understand all of them are in shock, grossed and completely disturbed by the incident, but inform the public that they must remain calm as all of their questions will be answered soon. At this point of the investigation, no more details can be provided, police said.

Meanwhile, a huge debate raised all over the internet about the incident. It’s entirely non-understandable how her teachers and other adults in the girl’s life were not able to acknowledge the girl is pregnant in front of their eyes.

The investigation will go back nine months ago when the relationship started. That should allow the investigators to completely understand how everything happened. According to the initial information, it’s not likely this has been an incest, but the suspect may face additional charges depending on what the investigation will reveal.

From what can be seen on the suspect’s Facebook profile, the couple organized a baby shower together and there are numerous other photos of them both. What is scarier is the fact that the suspect also had photos with the girl’s parents indicating they probably knew about the relationship and the pregnancy.

Providers say the child is healthy and there were no complications during the pregnancy. The 12-year-old was then released from the hospital – just without her boyfriend.

UPDATE: The girl’s mother was arrested following the investigation that showed she knew and allowed her daughter to be in a relationship with Miranda.

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