Despite stores supply shortage, the fireworks business is blooming

Charleston, South Carolina – Despite the fact that firework stores face supply shortages this year, the fireworks business is blooming in Lowcountry.

This was especially noticeable in the last days before the Fourth of July weekend when people were stocking up in the very last-minute.

Although 2020 was pandemic year and most of the events were canceled in the communities, Fireworks Masters in Mount Pleasant and Harper’s Market in West Ashley say last year was the best year so far with more than double in sales compared to previous year.

However, they say that maybe this year will be even better compared to 2020 despite the supply shortage. On Saturday, they were almost sold out while people were waiting in line to get their bangs.

One of the largest suppliers in the country, Phantom Fireworks, informed the public early June to get their fireworks as early as possible. According to their announcement, they expected supply shortage as America celebrates fourth of July with lowest pandemic rates in over a year.

Two other major reasons for the shortage are shipping delays and shipping costs climbing as much as four to five times higher, Kevin Carpenter with Fireworks Masters said.

“Last year, the events were canceled so everybody came out and bought fireworks, emptied out the warehouses and sales were way up,” Carpenter said. “This year, we’re attributing it to once you light a fuse, you kind of get hooked on doing it yourself.”

According to Carpenter, they started stocking up as early as January to make sure they will have enough supply to cover the expected demand.

At Harper’s Market, longtime customer Rachel White and her daughter Jada Paskert stocked up on Saturday afternoon. They said they spent the same amount as they do every year, but the most important thing for them is to celebrate the holiday with their loved ones.

“To be able to be surrounded by my family again is going to be absolutely amazing,” White said. “I’m probably going to cry a little bit just because it’s going to feel surreal.”

Monica Doyle


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