Father leaves fully loaded gun unattended on the table in the living room, toddler takes the gun and shoots himself to death

The gun-carry policies across the country have been an issue ever since and politicians usually blame those laws when a shooting incident occurs although in majority of those occasions the weapons used in the violent crime incidents are illegal.

Since the start of the year, Texas and South Carolina joined the states that allow open carry gun and no increase in violent crimes was seen since both of the laws were enforced. The history has also shown that no increase in shooting incidents had ever been recorded in any of the states that had enforced similar law in the past.

However, one thing is for sure, these kinds of laws make everyone to feel free and buy a handgun, but everyone who decides to buy a gun should know how to handle the weapon, and even more importantly, to secure it out of children’s reach which was not the case in today’s fatal story.

According to police reports, Michigan man is accused for the death of a toddler who found his fully loaded gun unattended that he left on the table in the living room. As soon as he saw the gun, the little boy took the gun and shoot himself to death.

The suspect was identified as the 29-year-old C. Dershem who was arrested and now faces multiple charges in regards to the shooting incident including manslaughter and second-degree child abuse.

Dershem was living in his girlfriend’s home and the victim was her child. The police added that the boy found the gun on the table in the living room and went down in the basement to play with it. Shortly after, the toddler fired the handgun towards himself and he died as a result of the shot.

The mother of the baby was devasted of what had happened and she immediately called 911 asking for help. The EMS crew was at the scene in a matter of minutes and they immediately took the boy to the nearest hospital. Despite doctor’s efforts, the boy was pronounced dead shortly after arrival at the hospital.

According to police, the suspect and the mother were living together with the victim and another minor. The police didn’t immediately release details about the case and it was not clear if the other child was at the house at the time of the incident.

“This is a very tragic incident that should have been avoided, if the weapon was properly secured. Our thoughts and prayers go out to child’s family, friends and the first responders that responded to this tragedy,” the local police department said in an online statement in regards to the incident.

This story should serve as another example for parents who decide to keep their weapons at home and to appropriately store them out of children’s reach and sight.

Monica Doyle


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