Huge alligator walking down the road in Myrtle Beach, caught on video

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – Huge alligator was uninvited guest in one Myrtle Beach community on Monday.

Residents in Myrtle Beach Golf and Yacht Community caught this huge alligator on video walking in the neighborhood.

According to the woman who took the video, the alligator was at least 10 feet long!

Neighbors who live in the area say this is not first time to see alligator walking in front of their houses. However, for some this was very first encounter and they were pretty scared hiding in their homes.

“It was incredible I loved it. I mean I know they’re dangerous animals, which is why I was a coward and hung out in my car. But still, it was amazing,” said the woman who recorded the video.

Officials say that now is alligator season and seeing these animals is something that happens almost every year. They also added everyone should be very careful and always keep distance.

Click here for the video.

Monica Doyle


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