In pursuit of justice, a grieving family sues North Charleston PD, teenager over a deadly crash

Charleston, South Carolina – A lawsuit has been filed against the North Charleston Police Department and a then 12-year-old boy following a high-speed chase that ended in a fatal crash in July 2022. Two sisters, Mary and Shamricka Dent, lost their lives in the crash; since then, this has spurred a controversial legal fight mostly on questions of negligence and wrongful death.

The boy, who was only 12 years old at the time, is accused of driving at a speed more than double the legal limit during a police pursuit. The pursuit ended close to the airport when the teenage driver— purportedly traveling to Checkers for food— smashed into the Dents’ car as they were turning left on Michaux Parkway.

Acting for the Dent family, Attorney Grahame Holmes has launched wrongful death cases in search of justice and responsibility. Holmes underlined that the family is still debating numerous unsolved issues about the events behind their loss.

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Reports from the South Carolina Highway Patrol state that the child sped down Dorchester Road to speeds of more than 100 miles per hour, not stopping at a red light. Similar speeds were used by North Charleston Police officer Andrew Johnson in pursuit when the crash happened. According to the lawsuit, the youngster and the officer acted intentionally and negligently that evening, thus causing the deadly result.

Complicating the matter further, the roads were allegedly slick from rain, and the young man said he had been reluctant to stop during the first inquiry because of his police-related anxiety.

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The mother of the young driver, Chimere McWhite, said that night her son had stolen the vehicle without her permission. She said she had taught him driving on private property but not on public roadways. McWhite claims she did not get the help she needs even though she had previously asked police to intervene on her son’s behavior.

McWhite and the North Charleston Police Department both have chosen not to comment on the continuing court cases.

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