Litter, plastic waste increasing in South Carolina as people leave their homes post-lockdown

Charleston, South Carolina – Increasing amount of litter especially plastic waste is seen across the state as people are leaving their homes in the post-lockdown period, officials say.

Not only the officials but also the residents are getting pretty upset seeing trash all over the public places especially near rest areas where people usually spend times with their families and friends in their free time.

“When we got there, I just got my phone out and a trash bag because I just couldn’t believe how much stuff was there,” said Tara Lemmon about the large amount of garbage at Lake Moultrie this week.

“Liquor bottles, beer bottles, food trash, firework stuff, so much, Coke cans,” said Lemmon on the types of trash she sees.

It seems that the face masks and gloves are now behind us. In the past few months when people started feeling more comfortable and free, Charleston Waterkeeper are seeing a large increase in plastic waste being left behind on beaches and other public places.

“Not only is the volume increasing, but I think also the types of plastics and the type of trash that we’re finding have also changed,” said Charleston Waterkeeper Andrew Wunderley.

The first thing to battle this trend is not to leave any waste behind you. The second thing to be done is what Lemmon and her husband are doing, picking up any trash you see, according to Wunderley.

The issue with the plastic waste is not only the fact that it looks ugly, but over time it becomes more and more toxic which may affect the local waterways, public’s health and wildlife.

“I wouldn’t bring my grandbaby out there because he’s 2 (years old). For him to step on a needle, or glass, or anything like that would just be terrible,” said Lemmon on the state of the beach she saw.

“Please stop. Respect where you live. We have a beautiful area here. Everyone has access to the lake, no matter where you live. North Charleston, Summerville, Goose Creek, wherever. If you pack it in, you pack it out,” said Lemmon.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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