“She was shaking and flexing her hand as if in pain,” mother admitted that she killed teenager daughter with special needs while in hospital for treatment

Rising a child with special needs is unimaginably hard task for every parent, something that can’t be compared to anything else and only parents who have children with special needs will truly understand what every single parent goes through every day. Dedicating your whole time and effort is a must for those parents, but there are people who reach their breaking point and are simply not able to continue with the process.

One such a parent is reportedly the 34-year-old Jessica B., who is now accused for killing her teenage daughter while she was at hospital for treatment. The mother is the main suspect in her daughter’s death and faces multiple charged in regards to the incident.

According to authorities, the 14-year-old girl was taken in hospital for treatment mid-July due to an infection. The doctors from the hospital informed that the girl was a “special needs” patient with a neuromuscular disorder.

As soon as the doctor who performed a regular medical examination on the girl discovered the infection, she was sent and kept in hospital for further treatment, knowing the condition she was suffering.

When she was admitted in the hospital, she was once again checked by the healthcare personnel. According to the medical reports, the girl had no other issues beyond her known health condition and the infection she had at the time.

Shortly after the girl was confined to her hospital bed, she lost consciousness and died despite life-saving measures. The doctors told the investigators that the patient was alone with her mother prior to her death. However, when doctors tried to save the girl’s life, the mother already had left the room.

A medical examiner discovered she had suffered major internal injuries to her ribs and liver. These injuries were not present when she was admitted, the police once again confirmed, referring to the medical report that was conducted when the girl was admitted to the hospital.

The police didn’t reveal how these injuries occurred despite the fact that the initial investigation was already finished. They said they are still looking for additional evidence and will come up with announcement when new details are available.

The mother of the young girl was arrested almost a month after the incident after the police found enough evidence to charge her. According to them, they obtained a video surveillance footage from the hospital where the mother was seen leaving the hospital just when the incident occurred. She was “shaking and flexing her hand as if in pain,” according to the police report.

Jessica was arrested and questioned by police. She initially denied doing anything to her daughter, she ultimately admitted that she “slammed the hospital table into her daughter’s abdomen and then leaned onto the table with her weight.”

According the her, the motive for the attack was that she became upset when her daughter started cursing at her about Crayon colors.

The mother was charged with manslaughter, but additional charges might be pressed against her since the investigation was reopened.

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