Man offered Black teenage girl ride to the store before he killed her and dumped the body in a dirt driveway, gets life behind bars

Our parents have always taught us to stay away and never accept offers from people we don’t know to drive us somewhere and always use public transport, private car or cab no matter of the situation where we are at the moment.

There are thousands of unfortunate stories over the years including rapes, abuses and even fatalities that those looking for free drive experienced and that’s the reason number one why one should always avoid and refuse offers for free drive from people they don’t know.

Such situation turned out to end up fatal for a Black teenage girl from California after she accepted ride to the store from a total stranger who later shot her to death and dumped the body in a dirt driveway.

According to the police reports, the incident happened on March 3, 2019 when the now convicted, 55-year-old D. Watson, was driving along the city and saw the 18-year-old D. Alexander walking down the road offering to drive her to the store where she was headed.

Alexander accepted Watson’s offer and she was picked up outside of an apartment complex in the very early morning hours. The investigators were not able to identify what actually happened after Watson took the teenage girl to drive her to the store.

Later that day, the local authorities received a 911 call in regards to a dead body found. When the officers responded in the afternoon hours on March 3, they found a dead body suffering apparent gunshot wound to the upper torso located in a dirt driveway.

Authorities identified the body and the autopsy showed that the shot was the reason for her death. Investigators took surveillance footage from the apartment complex which clearly confirm that Watson took Alexander when he offered her drive, while eyewitness statements confirmed that Watson’s truck was located in the same area where Alexander’s body was found.

It was a driver passing by that spotted the body. Investigators believe Alexander had been there since the early morning hours. She had a gunshot wound to the upper torso and appeared to have also been strangled, Fox 26 reports. The teen had a troubled past of drug abuse and running away from home.

“Dynasty was a kid. Everything was funny to her. She was happy. She was a free spirit. Could be a little hard-headed at times, but our family loved her to death,” said Alexander’s cousin C. Jones.

Following the two-year-long court process, Watson was found guilty and convicted of second-degree murder, along with several weapons charges in April this year. Earlier this month, he was sentenced to life behind bars for killing the young girl.

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