Mother abuses, kills 4-year-old girl, then makes her other daughter to bury the body in their yard

Some people really don’t deserve children and this monster mother is surely one of them after she allegedly abused her 4-year-old daughter until she died and buried the body in the backyard of their home. What’s even more, the mother asked several family members to help her cover up the incident including her 13-year-old daughter.

As we reported earlier this month, the woman was identified as 31-year-old M. Bennett from North Carolina. She faces multiple charges including first degree murder charges, felony child abuse charges, felony concealing a death and inflicting physical injury charges. Reportedly, the 4-year-old M. Young has died last year, but the body was discovered in May 2021.

According to New York Post, Young was one of the six children living together with their mother and her boyfriend in their home in North Carolina. The police informed that the mother forced Young to stand in the laundry room as punishment for having a bowel movement in her pants. She was not allowed to eat, drink and sit during that time. Young was simply exhausted of the abuse and the third day she fell and hit her head on the ground.

The little girl lost conscious and Bennett tried to perform CPR on her, but Young died shortly after she hit her head. Bennett then took the body, washed it and placed it into two black plastic trash bags, then put it in the trunk of her SUV. Little girl’s dead body sat in the back of the SUV for a total of five days until the smell became so bad so Bennett knew she might get caught.

She decided to go to a local shop and buy a shovel. As soon as she arrived home, she started digging a hole in the backyard.

The updated investigation recently revealed that after she dug the hole, she made her 13-year-old daughter to go and get the body, put it in the hole and cover it with dirt.

This tragical story was discovered in May this year when police went to check on the family following a child protective service worker welfare check request. The warrant said a man told detectives that Bennett had confided in him that the girl was dead. Bennett initially told the officers her daughter was staying at a family members’ house since last August.

Police officers checked on the yard and something was not right. That’s how they found the body and arrested the mother immediately. The autopsy of the body revealed just part of the story, but the 13-year-old later explained everything to the officers. Police also arrested and charged Bennett’s mother who knew everything about the incident and allegedly helped Bennett with the body.

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