Myrtle Beach information for drivers during the Memorial Day Weekend, thousands of tourists expected

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – Myrtle Beach is well known spring destination and many tourists are expected during the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend.

According to the officials, thousands of people already have booked their stay in the city and surrounding areas.

City officials inform the residents as well as the tourists to practice patience as crowds and heavy traffic is expected during the weekend. Following this, they released a special traffic plan for Memorial Day Weekend that should ease the general commute in the area.

The special weekend traffic plan is about to start Friday 6 a.m.

  • All traffic on Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach is one-way, southbound, from 29th Avenue North to South Kings Highway. Northbound lanes of Ocean Boulevard are reserved for emergency vehicles only.
  • Motorists will access Ocean Boulevard only from an access avenue that has a stoplight at Kings Highway. The access avenues are 21st Ave N, Mr. Joe White, 9th Ave N, 3rd Ave S, 9th Ave S, 13th Ave S, 19th Ave S, 25th Ave S, 27th Ave S, and 29th Ave S.
  • The following Avenues have been designated as emergency avenues: 16th Ave N, 8th Ave N, 6th Ave S, and 17th Ave S. These lanes have been designated for use by public safety and city officials.
  • For safety, pedestrians will be separated from vehicles along five miles of Ocean Boulevard, from 29th Avenue North to South Kings Highway. Barriers will be in place to prevent pedestrians from entering the roadway.
  • Should traffic demands exceeded roadway capacity, a team of officers will be deployed to divert the traffic to a less congested area. Traffic control devices have been staged at various intersections across the city to support the plan.
  • South Carolina Highway Patrol will be assigned to eight intersections across the city, 3 p.m. to 3 a.m. SCHP will control and direct traffic in those intersections to ensure traffic is moving and the interactions do not become congested.

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