New Charleston-India shipping route expected to boost trade, promises faster delivery

Charleston, South Carolina – Ocean Network Express (ONE), a Japanese container transportation and shipping corporation, started a direct shipping route linking India with South Carolina. Announced by the South Carolina Ports Authority, this new route—branded as the West India North America service—made its debut this past Wednesday, at the Wando Welch Terminal at the Port of Charleston.

The launching of this service signals a turning point in trade between the two areas. The initiative seeks to immediately get popular items from India—such as electronics, clothes, and retail goods—straight to the growing consumer market in the United States Southeast, therefore simplifying their transportation. This area has seen significant economic development as well as growing demand for a range of consumer goods.

The strategic advantages of the new service were underlined by SC Ports President and CEO, Barbara Melvin.

“Our strategic location in the Southeast provides access to a growing consumer base, and our highly productive operations will support the success of this new service,” she said.

Melvin underlined even more how the very efficient Charleston operations are fit to enable the achievement of this direct relationship.

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Shippers have a timelier and more efficient alternative when a direct route through Charleston is chosen instead of the U.S. West Coast, therefore answering the demand for faster delivery times to match the fast-paced consumption of American customers. The South Carolina Ports Authority claims that in terms of logistics and shipping schedules, this service is projected to be rather beneficial.

Reflecting the growing connectivity and reliance on effective worldwide supply chains, SC Ports will provide five weekly services to India using this new service. This project is expected to improve not only the economic relations between India and the U.S. Southeast but also help to generalize the efficiency and expansion of world trade policies. These direct paths, which offer quicker and more dependable shipping across continents, are likely to become essential parts of global trade as its dynamics change.

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