Police officer kills man while on duty and gets convicted of murder, still receives salary, community furious

The police officer who shot to death armed man while on duty back in 2018, was found guilty and convicted of murder earlier this month. The community was happy with the court outcome, but became instantly furious when they heard the officer was receiving his salary on a regular basis since the shooting.

The incident happened in 2018 in Huntsville, Alabama when police officer William Darby along with other officers responded to a 911 call from the man, who was standing armed and planned to kill himself at the scene. The victim, Jeffrey Parker, was holding his gun pointed to his head.

Following the incident, Darby was placed on administrative leave and then placed on desk duty. He was not able to continue working as an officer after the conviction and he went on leave, city spokeswoman Lucy DeButy said.

“This is the normal process until formal proceedings under the City of Huntsville’s personnel policies and procedures are complete,” she said in a statement. Darby was freed on $100,000 bond soon after the verdict on Friday.

Huntsville’s Mayor Tommy Battle publicly expressed his disagreement over the jurors’ decision. Police Chief Mark McMurray also expressed his concerns over the final decision.

However, Alabama Democratic Party executive director Wade Perry also had something to say about the case. He was furious about the city’s decision to keep paying now ex-officer Darby.

“He’s a convicted murderer. He shouldn’t get another day’s pay. Fire him. And the police chief,” Perry said in a statement.

One of the officers who was at the scene at the time of incident said that the victim was highly upset while holding his gun pointed to the head. The officer added that that the victim posed no immediate threat at the time. Jurors, however, rejected defense claims that the shooting was justified.

The city will pay at least $125,000 toward officer Darby’s defense.

Defense attorney announced that they will appeal. Next court hearing should be held in around six weeks and the sentence may vary from 20 years to life prison.

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