Schools across South Carolina struggle with the latest Covid-19 wave forced to switch to virtual learning just a month after the start of the school year

South Carolina – It has been a month since the start of the school year and the situation with the Covid-19 wave in South Carolina is nothing but worrying for both students and parents.

The number of daily cases almost reached the January peak, while the number of hospitalizations reached new, record high number in the past days.

The Covid-19 is spreading in schools among students and teachers forcing many schools, and in some cases whole school districts, to switch to virtual learning.

The virtual learning is causing frustrations for both parents and teachers. Schools are not well prepared for another virtual learning school year as no one expected another wave that will force schools to close to stop the spread of the virus.

Republicans backed a provision to ban masks in schools in June when cases were low and have not budged.

Now teachers, students and parents are struggling with the fallout as more young people contract the delta variant, forcing nearly two dozen schools and two entire districts back to online learning within a month of returning in person.

Monica Doyle


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