South Carolina gun store owner shot by mistake and killed a colleague, no arrest or charges, ongoing investigation

Jon Whitley, a gun store owner, shot by mistake and killed employee on Tuesday in what appears to be unfortunate fatal incident.

According to the local authorities, the incident took place at Coastal Firearms, a gun store that is owned by Whitley.

The victim was shot to the “lower face” and he was in critical condition when first responders arrived at the store. He was pronounced dead shortly after officers’ arrival.

The victim was identified as the 36-year-old Stefan Mrgan and according to Whitley, he accidentally shot Mrgan, after mistaking his personal handgun for a bb gun.

The handgun used in the incident was taken by the authorities as evidence in the investigation.

A witness told Deputies he saw the two men having a normal conversation, then he heard a firearm discharged. He said he saw Mrgan fall to the ground, bleeding.

Police didn’t arrest Whitley and now charges against have been pressed.

When more details of the investigation are available, we will update the story.

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Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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