South Carolina is seeing the lowest Covid-19 numbers in months, most recent MUSC reports confirm the trend

South Carolina – The Covid-19 spread across South Carolina seems to be to the minimum levels in months and that trend is confirmed by the daily DHEC reports, but also from MUSC most recent reports.

According to MUSC data, this week’s COVID case rate drop of 28% may be a trend in the Lowcountry. It’s a pattern that will likely continue, but it can change.

They added that the most recent numbers are the lowest seen in the last couple of months. However, from what they had seen in multiple occasions during the pandemic, the trend might change overnight and warn everyone to be very cautious and follow the basic pandemic measures.

Health experts agree that the patterns usually change seasonally and that’s the reason why every doctor warns for caution if we want to avoid the last winter’s situation. One of them is also Dr. Michael Sweat, faculty director for the MUSC Center for Global Health, who believes that he doesn’t expect changes in the two-month pattern in near future.

“This last wave was this delta variant, and so that was competing against vaccination and immunity,” he said, “And it is really telling us that we are not at a level of vaccination or immunity to stop these waves right now.”

Another very important thing to look for beside the number of cases, is the number of hospitalizations. Just like the number of new cases, the number of hospitalizations is also declining and Dr. Sweat believes that trend is a result of the immunity people already have.

Health experts and health officials believe that the upcoming holiday season will be much better in terms of new Covid-19 cases compared to last winter, but advise people to be careful.

“I can’t predict the future,” Dr. Jane Kelly said on Wednesday on a Department of Health and Environmental Control briefing.

“But I think it would be unlikely that we would have as big of a surge as last year because we have a larger number of people vaccinate, but we are certainly hoping to get more people vaccinated,” Kelly added.

With greater immunity levels and potential therapeutics in the upcoming months, it’s also predicted that the two-month COVID cycle may become more manageable.

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