South Carolina to offer vaccine lottery prizes, Democratic lawmaker requests

Columbia, South Carolina – Like Ohio, one Democratic lawmaker requests South Carolina to use some of the Covid-19 relief funds and offer lottery prizes for those who are going to get the vaccine in the upcoming period. According the him, a $1 million in prizes should make people more interested in the vaccine.

Todd Rutherford said South Carolina ‘may copy’ the Ohio lottery program. South Carolina is in the bottom 10 states in vaccination rates.

The interest has fallen everywhere across US, but South Carolina has just 36% of residents are fully vaccinated.

There were some other options proposed too. $250 scholarship to college students who get vaccinate or $100 for the first 500,000 people to get the COVID-19 shot were among some other more modest options for some South Carolina senators.

However, the latest failed with minimal support from the Republicans.

Cindy Carey


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