Teenage boy abuses and punches sister eight times in the head before she dies, the mother tells cops she fell of a chair

It seems pretty uncommon for a mother to take side when it comes to her children, but it looks like this 35-year-old mother decided to stand in front of her teenager son and lie to police, after he allegedly abused and punched his 7-year-old sister at least eight times in the head before she died.

The incident happened earlier this week and the mother was well known to have issues when it comes to taking care of her children, neighbors confirmed.

According to police, the 17-year-old boy whose identity was not revealed, later admitted that he assaulted his sister before she was found dead in their New York apartment, police confirmed on Wednesday.

What is even more alarming is the fact that the 7-year-old girl later identified as J. Batties, was only recently returned to her mother by the city officials. Family and neighbors described the alleged physical abuse in the home as more details of the girl’s unremitting toxic home life came to light.

The tragic girl’s lifeless body was found Tuesday morning. Her face was all covered in blood and the mother told police she fell off the chair hitting a desk. But the medical examination showed something else and officers decided to open investigation which later ended up with the boy’s confession, admitting he abused and punched her eight times in the face while the mother was out to buy groceries.

Instead of taking the little girl to hospital for treatment, they kept her with serious injuries at home until she started throwing up and finally passed out, prompting the 35-year-old mom to call 911.

Batties was immediately transferred to hospital, but it was too late and she was pronounced dead right after the arrival at the hospital.

The mother and her children were well known to cause disturbance in the area. The police records indicate that officers have responded at their home at least six time over the last three years. Neighbors confirmed that the mother has covered her son at least once in these 6 occasions.

In one of the assaults, the teen told cops his mom lied to the Administration for Children’s Services when they showed up at their home and questioned the 7-year-old’s black eye, sources said.

The mom allegedly told officials with the agency that a younger sibling hit the girl with a toy gun by accident, according to sources.

According to a high-ranking police source, the girl was returned home as soon as June, after previously being placed in her grandmother’s custody. The police source didn’t reveal the reason why the little girl was removed.

New York Post managed to get in touch with the little girl’s grandmother. She said that her daughter was so bad in taking care of her children, that in one occasion the officials took all of her seven children away.

“My granddaughter was in pediatric counseling to find out what was going on. Any time we mentioned Julissa’s mother’s name, my granddaughter ran down the hallway,” the grandmother said.

Meanwhile, the police were waiting for the preliminary autopsy results before they officially press charges against the mother and the teenager.

One of the neighbors went even further and said that the mother was lying, claiming he knew the whole story and how she treated the little angel. He added that the little girl was heavily beaten and abused in the past and that’s the reason why city officials initially took her away and granted custody to the grandmother.

The investigation is still ongoing. We will update the case with more details once available.

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