The housing conditions for Housing Authorities residents in Charleston must be improved – petition created

Charleston, South Carolina – A lot of people struggle with their housing conditions. One of them is Miracle Mozzee and her mother. They have been living in public housing for years. However, the housing quality is very low as their home is covered in mold, water damage and pests crawling on the walls, but they weren’t the only ones.

We wanted to see how many people live in the same conditions as Miracle so we decided to take a look together with her. We went down the road and checked more than 50 houses in just 2 days.

We also created a petition for improving the housing condition and we asked the residents to sign the petition.

Mold, pests and rot appeared to be the most common issues for the residents. She hopes that a strength in numbers will quell the residents’ fear of speaking out, too.

Housing Authority resident is working with Miracle on the petition.

One housing resident said: “It’s not bad, it’s awful here. We desperately need help a lot. There was mold only in the bathroom, but now is everywhere in the house.”

“A lot of people are sending pictures and videos of their situations which made me feel a little better, because it’s not just us,” said Miracle. “Most of them signed the petition as they look forward this might solve their issues.”

Miracle also created social media pages to get in touch with as many housing residents as possible to sign the petition.

Cindy Carey


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