Weeks-old baby dies after father ‘left it in the sink alone while bathing’ as he went to check over his other children, charged

Newborns require a lot of attention, dedicated time and patience and parents should look over them every single second no matter what. Additionally, parents are required to be very gentle with the babies and avoid drastic movements in order to prevent their babies being hurt.

Although these are some of the essentials when it comes to looking over newborns, a man in today’s case faces murder charges because he applied none of the above to his 3-week-old baby.

According to the court reports, a 26-year-old father identified as the S. Conner is about to spend decades in prison if found guilty on the first-degree murder and child abuse charges for an incident that took place last July.

As Arizona authorities confirmed earlier this year, Conner’s 3-week-old daughter died in the hotel where the father was staying with his children.

The fatal day Conner called 911 asking for medical help as he allegedly found the newborn to be unresponsive. The baby girl was still alive when the first responders arrived and she was rushed to a local hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

According to the police report, Connor said he was bathing the baby in a sink when he decided to leave the newborn alone for some time and left her unattended while going to check on his other children. When he came back, she was unresponsive.

His statement didn’t correspond with the actual situation since a medical examiner ruled the girl’s cause of death to be blunt-force trauma and homicide after an autopsy found a head injury and multiple fractures on the girl’s body. Medical records show the girl’s injuries were not consistent with the child being submerged in water, multiple local news tv stations reported.

The investigation about the case continued and authorities found out that part of Conner’s story was true, he left the baby girl in the sink alone and when he returned, she was already unresponsive. However, he forgot to tell the officers that he panicked as soon as he saw the baby and he reportedly hit her multiple times in the back “to resuscitate her.”

“Shawn struck the victim on her back, her chest and the side of her head with his hand,” court documents said. “Shawn next grabbed the victim by her ankles and placed her upside down on his back while running around the room.”

Then he headed to the front desk office to seek medical help. While running with the child in his hands, he tripped and fell while holding her, causing him to land on top of the child causing even additional injuries all over the baby’s body.

He was arrested two weeks ago on first-degree murder and child abuse charges and will spend many years in prison if found guilty.

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