West Ashley flooding, the residents in the neighborhood asking for help

Charleston, South Carolina – Entire streets are filled up with water and the water even enters the houses in West Ashley, according to the locals.

Flooding in the neighborhood has become such an issue and it’s causing very dangerous situations especially for the older residents.

“These houses, the water is getting closer and closer and closer,” said Brian Medina, who lives on Douglas Avenue in West Ashley.

According to Brian, one of those involved in these dangerous situations as a result of the flooding is his over 80-year-old neighbor.

“She went off into a ditch over here, caddy cornered. Luckily, I was home because she was by herself. You can’t go to work because you can’t get out of the neighborhood, off this street without flooding your car out.

We have to constantly jostle cars out when it rains,” said Medina.

Medina said that the flooding issues in the neighborhood are not new and they are now looking for answers from the officials.

The biggest issue according to Medina is the fact that part of the houses in the neighborhood are under the jurisdiction of the City of Charleston, while part of them are under the jurisdiction of Charleston County.

“They totaled her car out when she went into the ditch here. Several cars get stalled out here, so I can’t even imagine that kind of damage. We had the water come about an inch below our sub floor,” said Medina.

As of now, neither City of Charleston nor Charleston County responded to our question regarding the issue.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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