Woman sets husband on fire while sleeping, thinking he poisoned her chicken wings

Woman will have to undergo medical examination following the incident that took place earlier this month when she set on fire her husband while he was sleeping because she thought the man allegedly poisoned her chicken wings trying to kill her. The 29-year-old T. Smith faces multiple charges including arson of a building, first degree recklessly endangering safety and mayhem, domestic abuse assessments.

On the initial court hearing, the court ordered detailed medical examination on Smith for competency evaluation.

The victim, identified as H. Williams, informed his wife that he is leaving her few weeks ago. According to Williams, that is the moment when Smith’s behavior has changed completely and she started acting very strange.

The incident took place earlier this month. The police said one morning Williams woke up just to realize his hair was on fire. Luckily, Williams managed to put the fire out with bare hands and he immediately rushed to his 3-month-old daughter’s room. He managed to grab his daughter and ran out of the house. At the moment, Smith was the only person in the house according to the husband.

Williams went to hospital for treatment as he suffered second and third-degree burns.

Williams’ long-time friend, who is also the owner of the house where the family lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is shocked of what has happened. However, she is happy that his friend and the baby daughter are still alive.

“Because I’ve known him since he was a kid, I’m just heartbroken for him,” she said. “The house is just a thing and that’s why you have insurance but as long as he’s going to be ok, that’s my main concern.”

While the owner was checking the damages in the house where the family lived, he spoke with Williams who was just released from hospital. It’s going to be a long way to recovery with all those burns, but he will be okay for sure.

Smith was questioned by police after the incident. Her version of the story indicates that she was fearing her life lately. Although there is no proof there were any threats against her, she claims her husband allegedly tried to kill her several times.

According to Smith, Williams allegedly poisoned her chicken wings that she had for lunch that day. Fearing for her life, she told police she waited until he was asleep and then poured lighter fluid on his head while he slept and ignited it with a lighter.

The online court records say he informed authorities that she suffers from mental health issues.

The next court hearing is scheduled for June 30 after the competency report is complete.

If convicted, Smith may spend the next 40 years in prison.

We will update the case with more details when available.

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