As the daily numbers reach almost record high number, South Carolina hospitals struggle with availability and workers shortage

South Carolina – The daily numbers in South Carolina are close to the record high and hospitals are already feeling the pressure like the peak back in the winter.

The state yesterday reported nearly 7,000 new cases for just one day and hospitals are slowly, but surely getting full.

Another major issue for the hospitals across Palmetto State is the fact that many of them struggle with workers shortage forcing the workers to work extra hours and shifts.

In the Friday’s report issued by DHEC, South Carolina added 6,697 new cases, including 4,650 cases confirmed through PCR tests and another 2,047 cases confirmed through rapid tests.

In the same report, 39 deaths were reported as a result of the Covid-19.

The positivity rate among all tests was 14.3%. 41,931 testes were conducted in a 24-hour period, from Wednesday to Thursday.

Since the pandemic began, South Carolina reported a total of 714,265 COVID-19 cases, consisting of 579,769 cases detected using PCR tests and 134,496 detected with rapid tests.

The total number of deaths since the start of the pandemic in March 2020 now reaches 10,452. Confirmed deaths are 9,147, while probable are considered 1,278.

For more details, please visit DHEC website.

Cindy Carey


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